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16th International Metropolis Conference

Migration Futures: Perspectives on Global Changes

Ponta Delgada - Azores

September 12-16, 2011


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People on the move grow increasingly diverse, and so do the routes, processes and places involved. For this reason, the 11th International Metropolis Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, sought to provide a forum to foster the exchange of knowledge and encourage dialogue among specialists and decision-makers from places that send and receive migrants. The 11th International Metropolis Conference, with “Paths & Crossroads: Moving People, Changing Places” as its theme, addressed a wide range of issues related to globalisation, diversity and current complex migratory phenomena. This conference made for an excellent occasion to engage in highly relevant and much-needed policy debates as well as to develop new research areas. In light of the particular experience Portugal has had as both a country of emigration and immigration, this year’s conference took a closer look at the effects of migration in the places that send and receive migrants and the relationship between them. It was a week of intense discussion and exchange of knowledge and experience that also allowed participants to take time out to explore Lisbon's charming neighbourhoods, historical monuments, museums and gardens.


Monday, 2 Oct. | lundi, 2 oct. | 2ª-feira, dia 2 de Out.

Daytime: Hotel check-in, conference check-in/registration and pre-conference activities
Evening: Welcome reception at the National Coach Museum in Belém

Tuesday, 3 Oct. | mardi, 3 oct. | 3ª-feira, dia 3 de Out.

Morning: 2 plenary sessions -- "Urban Vitality, Urban Renewal: How Immigrants Are Transforming Cities" and "Sharing Responsibility in the Management of Migration and Development"
Afternoon: 1st day of workshops
Evening: An Evening of Portuguese Music at Teatro da Trindade

Wednesday, 4 Oct. | mercredi, 4 oct. | 4ª-feira, dia 4 de Out.

Morning: 2 plenary sessions -- "Contemporary Migration Management: The Return to Temporary Programmes?" and "Migration Challenges in the Western Mediterranean Region"
Afternoon: 2nd day of workshops
Evening: Organ concert at the Sé (Lisbon Cathedral) in Alfama

Thursday, 5 Oct. | jeudi, 5 oct. | 5ª-feira, dia 5 de Out.

Morning: 2 plenary sessions -- "A Lusophone Community: Multinational Alliances, Multiple Belongings" and "Integration and the 'Second Generation'"
Afternoon: 3rd day of workshops
Evening: Closing dinner at the Estufa Fria (Conservatory) in Parque Eduardo VII

Friday, 6 Oct. | vendredi, 6 oct. | 6ª-feira, dia 6 de Out.

Morning: 2 plenary sessions -- "Moving People, Changing Places: What Should We Expect in 25 Years?" and "Thinking about Migration in the New Age of Mobility"